Serah Nathan

a Content Writer ahead of the others.




commercially focused, emotionally driven

For too long, Content Writing was not considered a standalone profession.

Sure, Copywriters essentially craft words to fit a brief but those words only exist to push a product or service. Marketing Managers are often unrealistically expected to exert a creative prowess whilst overseeing budgets and other dry duties such as ROI analysis. And Social Media Producers? Well, if it's GIFs and dated memes you're after, I'm not your gal.

A Content Writer should be able to weave meaningful story in and around your brand, from internal comms to major campaigns, with ease, speed and transparency. All conveyed to your audience in plain English, sans pretension. Build trust, not Likes.


You need a superb Writer to join your team on a short to mid-term basis who has an imaginative mind with a pragmatic sense of self direction. You have tight deadlines and a budget that does not allow for a lot of  wiggle room when it comes to generating results. 

Just as importantly, you want a down-to-earth, confident communicator who aims to makes your job easier, by delivering what's asked for. 

who are you?




who am I?


Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Education: Bachelor of Creative Arts + Diploma of Theatre Arts (Victoria University)

Personality indicators: ENFP - Initiator - Cancerian, Year of the Tiger

Fun Fact: I changed the spelling of my name from 'Sarah' to 'Serah' during Year 9 Science class, to increase the aesthetics of my signature.


"If you think you think 'outside the box', you're trapped in one."

— MC Paul Barman, 'Excuse You'

These lyrics resonate with me for two reasons:

1. Content Writers' need to remember not to homogenize themselves with ambiguous promises that only go against the tide of progressive marketing.

2. Boxes exist for a reason. You have to know when something ain't broke etc. A good contractor steps into an assignment like they're a Shoe Polisher, not the Cobbler.