Serah Nathan

a content writer ahead of the others




commercially focused, emotionally driven

For too long, content writing was not considered a standalone profession.

Marketers are often unrealistically expected to exert a creative prowess whilst overseeing budgets and other dry duties like ROI analysis.

And Social Media Producers? Well, if it's GIFs and dated memes you're after, I'm not your gal.

I identify and weave meaningful stories through your brand. From letters to videos, and everything in between,
I use language to empower and inspire, packaged to your audience in plain English.

Build trust, not Likes.


You need a superb writer and confident communicator with an imaginative mind and pragmatic sense of self direction.

You have ever-changing deadlines and a modest budget.

You have multiple stakeholders who expected results yesterday.

I make your job easier by delivering what's needed, when it’s needed. 

who are you?




who am I?



  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Victoria University)

  • Diploma of Theatre Arts (Victoria University)

Personality indicators

  • ENFP (Myers-Briggs)

  • Initiator (DISC test)

  • Year of the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac)

Fun Fact: I changed the spelling of my name from 'Sarah' to 'Serah' during a ninth science class, in an effort to increase the aesthetics of my signature.


"If you think you think 'outside the box', you're trapped in one."

— MC Paul Barman, 'Excuse You'

These lyrics resonate with me for a couple of reasons:

1. Content creators’ need to remember not to homogenize themselves with ambiguous promises that go against the tide of progressive marketing.

2. Boxes exist for a reason. You have to know when something ain't broke etc. A good contractor steps into an assignment like they're a Shoe Polisher, not the Cobbler.